What do all these acronyms mean?

Foodservice can speak a bit of its own language at times! To help you out, we have created a glossary of terms below. If you are still unsure of what a particular acronym or term is referring to, send us an email to grocery@flanagan.ca.


AW - All white chicken

BBC - Baseball cut steak

BS - Boneless, skinless

BRD - Breaded

BTTD - Battered

CF - Cholesterol Free

CKD - Cooked

CTThis is how foodservice measures how many items per pound. For example, a breakfast sausage that has “10 CT” in the description means that there are approximately 10 sausages per pound.

F/C - Fully cooked

FZ - Frozen

I/W - Individually wrapped

IQF - Individually quick frozen. This is a freezing technique where each piece of food is frozen separately from the others, creating a higher quality frozen product that is easier to work with.

LS - Low sodium

PF - Par-fried

RG - Roller grill

S/C - Straight cut (for french fries)

S/ON - Skin-on (for french fries)

SLD - Sliced

SMKD - Smoked

T&S - Thaw and serve. These are frozen items that once thawed, will be ready to enjoy!